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about me

I began my artistic adventure in 1985 when I created my first piece of jewelry and by 1992, I had over 125 stores carrying my line.  In 1993, I stopped selling to stores and began showing my work at 

Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach and I have enjoyed being a participant for over 22 years.. 

Some ask why I do not sell on line and I tell them nothing is more lonely than spending my days shipping orders to people I may never meet.  That is not my style.  I prefer interacting with guests and enjoy being surrounded by other creative artists. The show is only 2 months in length, but I find it is perfect.  The rest of the year I spend time with family and work at my other passion, selling real estate in a senior community called Laguna Woods.

Over the years I have ventured into photography and pottery and have added them to my line. It has lead to many adventures and every day spent creating is a great day...